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Want to enjoy an evening at the theaters and cinemas in Maassluis and the surrounding area but are reluctant to drive yourself? Or would a taxi take you to Schiphol? Taxi Regio will gladly take you to your destination to do. We are available 24/7. They will pick you up anywhere in the Maaslouis region and take you anywhere from there. For example, do you want to travel from Marsland to Delft? Book online now.

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Our ride is cheap

You can easily and quickly travel by our taxis from Maassluis to nearby cities such as Rotterdam, Vlaardingen. The Hague, or, for example, Hoek van Holland by using our services. Because we have multiple drivers, there is always a ride available for you. Book a taxi for any trip you desire. In addition to regular trips, we offer fixed-rate transportation to Schiphol Amsterdam and Rotterdam Airport. Make a reservation at least 24 hours in advance to take advantage of dirt-cheap taxi rides from Maassluis.

Taxi Maassluis, for both short and long distances

Maassluis is a city in the province of South Holland with a population of approximately 32 thousand people. There are several beautiful historical sites to see in the city itself. Everyone can use our rides. Short journeys, for example, can be made by taxi, but it is also possible to be taken to Schiphol. It’s exactly where your need is. The Maassluis taxi centre is available for trips that have been reserved for a later date. This can provide you with the extra security you require, for example, if you need to catch a flight.

Book a taxi from MaassLuis to the airport

Taxis from Maasslius to Rotterdam Airport or Schiphol can be booked 24 hours in advance at very attractive rates. We will send you from Maaslouis to Schiphol in the most affordable rates you canever imagine. If you have more than 4 people and want to use the taxi service, you can also do so with our company’s rides, by sharing the ride and dividing the fare. A taxi bus costs €139 to the airport (Schiphol) and €75 to Rotterdam Airport. Call today to book a taxi from Maassluis to the airport. You can also book a return trip directly. Arrange when going to the airport by phone or taxi. This is how you get home safely after a great vacation.

Maassluis taxi drivers

The taxi centre in Maassluis places a high value on quality. You want to be confident that your journey will be safe throughout. You won’t have to worry about that with our Maassluis taxi service. We prioritise safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. As a result, we only hire certified drivers with years of experience in the area. In short, we are happy to transport you from one location to another. Taxi Maassluis will gladly arrange transportation to your destination. We do this not only at a reasonable price, but also with a ride that allows you to learn more about the area. Allow our drivers to surprise you with some interesting facts. I hope to see you soon in one of our taxis.

Being a part of people’s daily lives.

Being a friendly company and serving hospitably, that is our ambition where you know where you stand ahead of time, in satisfying our clients. There is no fuss, only convenience and speed. The journey is an important part of getting to your destination. Everyone has their own goals in life. We will gladly assist you in getting there.

We believe in the power of a market in which supply and demand are perfectly balanced and mobility is optimally organised. We play an important role in making it simple for the traveler and the driver to find each other and connect. We keep prices low and service high by organizing your trip as efficiently as possible. We also save a lot of empty kilometres, which means less CO2 emissions.

Advantages you avail         

Passenger benefits

We allow our clients to take advantage of competitive tariffs that are up to 70% cheaper than meter prices. It doesn’t matter what your goals are. We drive anywhere in Holland. Transfers to German and Belgian airports are also possible. Our friendly drivers will check its quality and ensure a comfortable journey. You can easily order a taxi online.

Benefits for drivers

Regio Taxi offers you a large number of trips per day. You receive notifications of journeys from your own region and decide whether you want to drive them and for what rate. You can choose exactly the rides that fit well into your agenda, so that you drive fewer empty kilometers. This allows you to earn more in less time. You also contribute to reducing CO₂ emissions.

Book a taxi with your business account

A business account makes it easy and inexpensive to book a taxi for your company. Our company’s services allow employees to travel to their destination at any time. All transport to Dutch destinations and German and Belgian airports will be booked from your business account.

Discover the advantages of our business account now!

All over Holland: Our large network of drivers allows you to book a business taxi from anywhere in Holland.

Competitive price: We offer up to 70% cheaper than meter prices. We do not charge hidden prices. Then no surprises.

To pay the bill Business customers have the option to order a taxi on their account. Each month, we will send you a consolidated invoice for all your booked trips.

All bills are clearly organized All invoices are clearly placed in your business account. These invoices can be easily downloaded for each declaration.

Tailor-made transportation Choice of standard transport, taxi vans, electric transport, luxury transport and wheelchair taxis. With us you always have a private taxi.

Sustainable business Using a local driver who can efficiently plan the trip on his own saves a lot of empty kilometers and his CO2 emissions.


Q: In which areas do you work?

Our services are available throughout the Netherlands thanks to our extensive network of over 5000 drivers. Business taxi rides from and to any location in the Netherlands, as well as airports in Belgium and Germany, can be booked.

Q: Is it possible to book taxi rides in advance?

Every one of our customers can order taxi rides on account. We perform a few checks before turning on the service. Customers who book on account receive a monthly total bill for all booked trips.

Q: Is it possible to book luxury transportation as well?

Certainly! A luxury taxi can be booked in addition to a standard taxi, a taxi van (up to and including 8 people), a wheelchair taxi, and an electric taxi. Our luxury taxi is frequently used for business appointments. The luxury taxi service provides an E-segment car driven by a suit-clad driver.